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Cody Francis began studying Bible prophecy as a teenager and found that it led him to a deeper walk with Jesus. It is his desire to share this joy that he found through Bible prophecy. Cody believes that the Bible is what deciphers prophecy and in all his study and presentations, the answers come straight from the Bible.

Cody has been privileged to share the insights that he has found in prophecy with thousands around the world. For many years, Cody traveled around the world giving seminars and supporting local workers as they shared God’s Word. During this time Cody presented truths from Bible prophecy in Ghana, Angola, Congo,  Ethiopia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, El Salvador, Brazil, Peru, and more.

Cody and his wife, Mandy, and their three girls (Karise, Serena & Hosanna) are thankful for the opportunity to share with others the good news from Bible prophecy. In their free time, they enjoy spending time in nature: camping, hiking, backpacking and canoeing.

Our Speaker: Cody Francis

Our Speaker: Cody Francis

About the Seminar

Our seminars are always totally free. We hold these seminars as a service to the community for everyone (all faiths, Christian or non-Christian) to learn more about the Bible and Bible prophecy. In a relaxed atmosphere, that is designed know that we are all busy, it is a great understand more about the Bible and the times in which we live.

The Bible is the textbook. We do not speculate or present fanciful interpretations. We believe that what is important is what the Bible says. It is our goal to present simple Bible facts. Many have said that they learned more than they ever imagined possible. If you have questions, we believe that the Bible has the answers!

There are many that are seeking meaning for life. One of the biggest questions that faces us today is, “Is there more to life? Do we just eat, sleep, work, etc.? Does my live have meaning and purpose?” Once again, we believe that Bible prophecy provides the answers to these questions, as well. Through these seminars, you will find a deep purpose and meaning and will give you certainty in these uncertain times.

These presentations are illustrated with various multi-media technologies to help make the prophecies more understandable. Through these dynamic, illustrated presentations, the prophecies will come alive!

Find what thousands of others have found at these seminars, purpose, meaning and hope for the future! Register today!

Our Beliefs

Our desire is that at our seminars you will receive a deeper understanding of the Bible, develop a closer relationship with our loving Savior Jesus Christ, and be prepared for His soon return. May God richly bless your time in His word!


We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God and is profitable for correction, reproof, and instruction in righteousness (2Timothy 3:16) and that it reveals the almighty God.


We believe that Jesus is the eternal, self-existent God and is not a created being. Even though He is fully God, He took upon Himself the form of a man to live and die for our sins.


We believe that the penalty for man’s sin was paid on the cross of Calvary in Jesus’ death. “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Romans 6:23. By believing on Jesus Christ and accepting the grace of His shed blood, we receive the gift of eternal life. “Not of works, lest any man should boast.” Ephesians 2:9.

Christian Life

Because we love Jesus for His sacrificial death, we want to obey Him as he commands in John 14:15. We are not saved by our works; but, because we are saved, we choose to keep His commandments as the guide for successful living.

Second Coming

We believe that Bible prophecy reveals Jesus is coming again very soon Matthew 24:32-51.

“I have found the study of Bible prophecy to be one of the greatest blessings of my life. As I have searched the prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation, I have found joy, meaning and purpose. Most importantly the study of prophecy has led me to a closer walk with Jesus. I have seen that Jesus holds the future in His hands, and if He holds the future in His hands, He also holds my future in His hands. I am so thankful for the “more sure word of prophecy” (2 Peter 1:19) that Jesus has given to us!”

– Pastor Cody Francis


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any cost to attend the seminar?

No. This seminar is absolutely free as a service to the community.

What should I expect?

The Bible is the textbook, and so the messages will be a deeper look into the Bible. There will not be fanciful theories or wild ideas, but solid Bible teaching.

What should I wear?

This seminar is designed for busy people. Come “as you are” and enjoy the studies in a relaxed atmosphere. Casual attire is perfectly fine.

What denomination is the seminar for?

This seminar is for people of all faiths, denominations and backgrounds. Regardless of your religious affiliation, you will be blessed by this seminar. Those from all backgrounds have been amazed by the study of Bible prophecy. Because the Bible alone is the textbook, this seminar is for people of all faiths or no particular faith.

How long will the presentational last?

We want to respect your valuable time and know that everyone in this world is busy. So, we keep the seminar to one hour in length. From 7:00 – 8:00 pm each night.

I don’t think that I can make it to all the meetings, can I still come?

Certainly. We believe that you will enjoy each presentation and encourage you to come whenever you can.

What People are Saying:

“Clear explanations of the prophecies. Very interesting insights. Amazing!”

“I was desperately searching for peace. I knew the answers lay in the Bible, but I never read it. When I went to this seminar, it felt like an anvil was lifted off my back. It made a big difference in my heart.”

“This seminar answered all my questions, plus more questions I didn’t even know I had. I have hope now, because I know the end of the story.”

“A very professional presentation. This seminar took ancient biblical truth and made it relevant for my life today. Jesus is more real to me as a result.”

“We were so concerned with recent events and the world we would bring our children up in, but now we have hope!”

“I now understand Bible Prophecy for the first time in my life and have hope for the future! Now I know the news behind the news headlines and it all makes sense. This seminar delivered on everything it promised and really was free. Don’t let anything keep you from attending. It will change your life!”